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Jeff Geerling

"Priestie Boyz" release alternative CD

SAINT LOUIS, MO — September 19, 2006.

A group of local Catholic seminarians (and former seminarians) has released a CD of "inspirational Catholic alternative music." Priestie Boyz, a group of Roman Catholic seminarians studying for the priesthood at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, are selling the album Lost in Ecstasy on their website,

Founded in 2004, the Priestie Boyz describe their music as embodying "love for the Church and Jesus Christ and a joyous attitude," according to spokesman and sound engineer Jeff Geerling, who is also a seminarian.

"We strive to return our talents to the One who gave them to us. We believe our music is a prayer, and we hope it is a prayer for those who hear it," Geerling said.

After production began, band members Mike Bauer and Anthony Podesta left the seminary, but continue to work alongside the remaining seminarian band members.

Lost in Ecstasy can be purchased online at, as well as in some St. Louis stores and at music events (details on the band's website).


For more information, email the Priestie Boyz at

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