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Meet the band members (and the sound guy).

Mike Bauer | Anthony Podesta | Christian Malewski
Derrick Flannigan | Dan Kenney | Jeff Geerling

D. Mike Praising the Lord

Mike Bauer

Lead vocals and electric guitar.

D. Mike Bauer played in several local bands you've never heard of before entering the seminary in 2004. His experience includes the Dharma Bums, Fifth Wheel (which once won the Battle of the Bands at Mehlville High School!), The Leftovers, and the occasional guest appearance with Bill Michalski and/or the Urban Blight Players. He once briefly taught band at St. Charles Borromeo Elementary School, and for the past three years, he has served at the Camp Musician at the St. Louis Zoo's Camp Kangazoo. He has also been a session player for ten years, most notably in the orchestra pits of several local theatre companies including New Line Theatre, Characters and Company, and Kirkwood-Crestwood Theatre. His work can be heard on the original cast recording of the rock opera "The Mystic" and on the soundtrack to the recent indie film "Shark in Alton," which featured D. Mike's original song "New Year's Eve."

In the Christian Realm, he played with the Cleary Music Project for the album "Precious Vineyard" and directs the music for the Sunday night Contemporary Liturgy at St. Peter Parish in Kirkwood, Missouri. He can also be found praising God through music occasionally at local Catholic Parishes like St. Luke, St. Cletus, Ascension, Our Lady of Loretto, St. Francis Xavier (College Church), St. Ann, and the Newman Center at UM–St. Louis. Once upon a time he was a screwed-up wannabe rockstar, until a great priest helped him open his heart to Christ and His Church. Being in the Priestie Boyz is a great outlet for his desire to give back to God a small fraction of what God has given to him.

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Anthony Playing his Acoustic and Singing

Anthony Podesta

Lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

Anthony started the Priestie Boyz with Derrick and Charlie Backer in 2004, and has been with the band ever since then, playing electric and acoustic guitar and singing lead and backup vocals. He's the band's principle songwriter. Anthony feels that music brings him closer to Christ, and he hopes that the music he plays helps other people become closer to Christ and his Church.

Anthony loves Holy Mother Church, and loved being a seminarian. He's taking some time now to discern his calling, and he's still playing his acoustic guitar and writing more songs.

His favorite music is country music (just about any artist will do), and he also likes listening to praise and worship and Christian music.

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Christian Plucks the Bass

Christian Malewski

Bass guitar.

Christian is a second year theologian at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary studying for the great diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. Before coming to Kenrick, he studied 2 years of philosophy at Conception Seminary College in northwest Missouri (or somewhere in the middle of a corn field). In his previous life he had a short-lived career as a welder. He later obtained a degree in history at Benedictine College while working as a pizza delivery boy.

He's loved every concert he's been a part of with the Priestie Boyz; he says, "we are literally an 'award-winning band.'" His previous band experience consists in private recording, jamming with his two brothers and playing guitar for a punk band at Conception. He enjoys listening to a variety of music; anything from Sinatra to Johnny Cash—it all depends on the mood and setting. Most importantly... he is the proud owner of a Mac.

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Derrick Hits the Drums

Derrick Flannigan

Drummer and percussionist.

Derrick entered the seminary in the fall of 2002 and can't wait to be a priest-victim for Christ's flock!! He plays the drums, but his primary instrument is actually the trumpet. He's a big fan of jazz, classical, and country music and played in just about every band in high school (Lafayette). In the summer of 2004, Derrick marched soprano with the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps and in the past has taught high school marching band. He helped start the Priestie Boyz with Anthony back in 2004.

Some of his favorite musicians include Dave Matthews, Kenny Chesney, Nora Jones, Maynard Ferguson, Neil Peart... and the list goes on.

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Dan Recording Electric Guitar

Dan Kenney

Lead guitar.

Dan is the newest (and the youngest) person to enter the Priestie Boyz. Half-way through his first year at the seminary he was invited to join the Priestie Boyz as a lead guitarist. Since then they've played at a variety show and recorded a few songs. Dan is a seminarian studying for The St. Louis Archdiocese at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. So far he's had a great experience playing with the band.

Before he entered the seminary he had only been in one rock band (made up of himself and a few friends) named Veracious (pertaining to truth). A couple of months before his senior year in high-school he began thinking about the priesthood. At first he didn’t want to follow what God was calling him to do, but after some prayer and discernment, he entered, and hasn't looked back. Dan encourages anyone who thinks God may be calling him to the priesthood to not be afraid to answer with a firm and unhesitant YES!

Dan's favorite types of music are rock (all kinds), classical, musicals, chant, oldies, some country, Jazz, blues, and big band (he likes most music). His favorite hobbies are football, basketball, racket ball, reading, and… oh yeah, playing guitar.

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Jeff and Santa

Jeff Geerling

'Z' - the sound engineer (also web, video and transportation).

After entering the seminary in 2004, Jeff started working with the Priestie Boyz at their first live concert. It's been quite an experience. Jeff enjoys listening to the music they play, and has met a lot of great people on the road with the band. He also loves taking pictures, working with websites, and helping out in any way he can (click here to see his other websites).

Jeff and his iBook have been on the whole Priestie Boyz journey - recording every concert (video and audio), managing the website, handling photos, and recording and mixing the whole CD in GarageBand 3!

Jeff spent many hours listening to the album Lost in Ecstasy while recording, mixing and editing it, and highly recommends it! Jeff also likes to listen to many other Christian artists, including Audio Adrenaline, Pillar, Kutless, Caedmon's Call, and Chevelle, and is fond of movie soundtracks (his favorite is Jurassic Park!).

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