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Priestie Boyz - Lost In Ecstasy CD Cover

Lost In Ecstasy
CD Released: September 19, 2006

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Lyrics - In Your Glory (by Derrick Flannigan)

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Lord can’t you see
Just how crazy
The world is… and can  be?
I’m doin’ my best
Just like the rest
I tell myself but am I really?

I work and strive
To realize
How much I’m… in need of you
Please help me see
That I may be found in your glory

 What must I do
To follow you?
Send your Spirit… to guide me
You suffered and died
And so must I
Please help me, Christ, that I may die too!

(Repeat Chorus)

And when this life is through
I pray that I may be with you
“Faith and prayer, they’re not needed” some say
But I don’t wanna live that way

(Repeat Chorus)

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