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CD Information

Lost In Ecstasy
CD Released: September 19, 2006

Our album Lost in Ecstasy was a six month labor of love, recorded and produced at 'klm studios' in Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. Many hours were spent recording and re-recording guitar tracks, drums, vocals, bass and other instruments (all 100% live!). Then many more hours were spent mixing the tracks until each one was as close to perfect as we could make them. Finally, with great help from C.W. Dent, we mastered the CD to make it sound as awesome as possible, and distribute it to the world!

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  1. Violent Attacks (lyrics)
  2. Cor (lyrics)
  3. Lost in Ecstasy (lyrics)
  4. Little Things with Great Love (lyrics)
  5. Lord Jesus Come (lyrics)
  6. In Your Glory (lyrics)
  7. Mother, Forgive Me (lyrics)
  8. Proelium Angelorum (St. Michael's Song) (lyrics)

Buy the CD - Lost in Ecstasy

1. CD Baby Mailed to you - $10
2. iTunes Store Individual Songs - $0.99/ea.
Whole Album - $7.92
3. Catholic Supply St. Louis, MO (Chippewa store only) CD - $10

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