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Priestie Boyz - Lost In Ecstasy CD Cover

Lost In Ecstasy
CD Released: September 19, 2006

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Lyrics - Mother, Forgive Me (by Anthony Podesta)

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Mother I have sinned against your Son
My act of refusal to do His will
I know I’m hurting Him every time I fail
Yet I continue to fall to these sins

May your flowing tears wash away my pride
Help me love Him as you did ‘til the day He died
Hold me Mother, please, in your arms
Don’t let me ever do you any more harm
Because I love you

 I see the pain in your eyes as you gaze upon Him
My own Brother I have scourged and crucified
Your Immaculate Heart I have pierced with a sword
How can I show you I still love you?

(Repeat Chorus)

 Mother forgive me for what I’ve done!
For inflicting such pain upon your Son
He cries aloud in pain and anguish
But you can only watch and weep

(Repeat Chorus) 

Yes, I love you
Dear Mother, I love you

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