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Priestie Boyz - Lost In Ecstasy CD Cover

Lost In Ecstasy
CD Released: September 19, 2006

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Lyrics - Violent Attacks (by Anthony Podesta)

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Why do I have to endure this trial?
Why must I be subjected to this test?
Why can’t it be easier to follow you?
You say you’re with me, but I’m not sure
Why don’t you rescue me from my loneliness?
I feel so alone, Lord…
Why aren’t You here?

These violent attacks against my soul
They flop me around like a rag doll
And make me wish, Lord, that I’d never chosen to follow you
But Lord, You know that that ain’t true
You know how much that I love you
So please help me down this road I’m travelin’ on

I toss and turn
In the depths of my despair
I open my eyes to see
But no light comes in
It’s cold and dark
There’s nothin’ to satisfy me
My soul is starving
There’s no food for me in sight

(Repeat Chorus 2x) 

Travelin’ on

Travelin’ on

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